Twitter User Sparks Conscious Conversation | Nigerian Churches, Millennials and Civic Duties

Written by – AKANNI

Minding my business at my day job and taking photos of patient’s scans with bizarre and atrocious objects in their body. Yes! I know I’m supposed to be saving lives, I can’t help it that humans do weird things that make my jaw drop.. well back to the matter at hand.

There I was sitting and looking through the gallery of scans on my phone with a wow-resting-face while shuffling thoughts in my head, mostly about how I dread the traffic I’ll face on my way home once I get off call. Ding! My I nudged me and low and behold it was a link from a friend who rarely chats but sends me links, memes and gifs. That is solely what our friendship is about, we communicate in memes. Get you a friend who can!

My friend thought i’d find the link interesting and i should check it out. While i’ve been raging for the past week about how Nigeria is stressing me out and we really need to wake up and start doing something about it. ACT!

I found this, a very interesting tweet as it was called it to my attention. While I’m in support of the intended motion by Dr Dipo Awojide. (@OgbeniDipo) I do not believe that this should be restricted to the Christians but to Nigerians in general.

This is not to say that some Christians are not guilty of this as in obvious forms like Jehovah witnesses which really is not the stand of the Bible on issues regarding the roles of a believer regarding their obligation to their nations in 1 Peter 2: 13 – 17 and Romans 13 : 1 – 7 where the bible states that believer are supposed to be subject to the governing  authorities as God is the one who appoints governors and authorities meaning that a Christian is meant to fulfil their obligations to the governing bodies and laws governing their countries which in this case would include voting so if a person says they can’t vote because they are Christians it’s a lame excuse as with other unrealistic and futile efforts to contribute and make a change to our current crumbling nation. 

That being said Nigerians, in general, can shut down a city for every other reason but to come out in support of good governance or to fight the bad and corrupt ones, instead we just sit around argue, discuss, fight, pray, fast, lament and every other thing other than standing up against the injustice, corruption, nepotism, inflation amongst the many things that is wrong within the country.

Now, I say to millennials as this is a conversation we need to have with ourselves. Nigerian millennials, you have just as much political power and influence as older citizens, we need to stop backing these half-dead politicians who have nothing to offer but give the world to their own kids at our own expense, over 86 percentage of Nigeria’s population are in abject poverty. Make a movement that will take advantage of the political system, influencing the country and taking the mother nation in a different direction and most importantly, stop her from the path of desolation on which she is presently running. It is glaring in our clone or no clone president situation.

As i conclude this with Fela playing in the background as i write (Abami Eda just said – Nigeria get money, e dey the abroad)  Nigerians, in general, should awaken to their political responsibilities which includes voting for good governance and with a collective power we can influence and tackle serious political issues  but first we have to move fast the fear as well as waiting on Jesus to descend and ‘Change’ Nigeria. Not to leave out the fast-spreading notion that there is no future for youths and citizens of Nigeria, so we live and work to plan how we’ll move abroad for a better life. This is not the way to live or a constant mindset to be in.

We are all responsible for this ‘change’ we so desire!

Photo Credit: Twitter / Africa.com

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