The Creative & Mental Health | Interview with Amanda Iheme

Words & Interview by AKANNI

Amanda Iheme is a mental health professional who is a certified psychotherapist and a self-taught architecture photographer, she describes herself mostly as a free thinker, curious and warm soul.

She studied at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, also at Swansea University in Wales before returning to Nigeria. Amanda wasn’t afraid to try her hands on various ventures including working at a brewery as well as being a volunteer counsellor at the Stand To End Rape initiative. Eventually, she began to build from the ground layer after layer, her mental health practice “Nd!d! Health” which handles therapy sessions for their clients.

Nd!d! which means ‘Patience’, this is generally admonished to visiting clients. Amanda also co-hosts WAT (Word As Therapy) sessions at intervals which mixes the art of expression, creativity, social interaction with psychotherapy. She is giving back to millennials who believe in using what you have to impact one’s community. With this she holds free therapy sessions with the help of a few colleagues.

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