Omorinmade Anikulapo-Kuti’s Full Interview with POP CULTURE! Gazette is Here + Editorial Photos

The full interview with Omorinmade Anikulapo-Kuti is finally here!

What started off as an interview ended up being an in-depth conversation between two youths about topics and issues that awakens the consciousness of young Nigerians.

In the editorial interview titled “THE FUTURE”, Omorinmade talked about his passion and zeal for music and how he hopes to contribute to the evolution of Nigerian/African music. Futhermore, Omorinmade gives a wakeup call to Nigerian millennials to take initiative and come together to as one to tackle the current issues we face with our government and in our country. He highlights;

Just Togetherness, let us act together more, let us think together more. Let us put ideas, share ideas. Let us take the risks that we need to take wherever necessary because if we don’t the time we’ll pass and we’ll be the generation before ours that have not done as much as they should have and have allowed the country to be as it is today. we will fail the generation next to us, the generation after us, and if we fail them, they may repeat the mistake that we are repeating and then they fail the next generation. The cycle will continue unless we act now.

When discussing about certain artists using their music to speak out about social issues, in reference to rapper – Falz, Made shared;

What has happened since Fela has stood up with his music, what we discovered is that the artist makes the sacrifice but the people fail to follow

So when we talk about Falz, it’s the exact same thing, as you said he doesn’t need to be protected, what he needs is for the people to show that they are with him. When he says ‘Ah, this is Nigeria’ we’ll be like yeah man, this is Nigeria! but we don’t just say it. He is the musician he has put his voice out, you as a community have to actively do something together and the problem is that we have been so brainwashed into thinking that our actions mean nothing.

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See more photos from the editorial feature:

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