Netflix To Re-release AVICII Documentary In 2019 + Trailer [VIDEO]

The death of Swedish DJ, Avicii in April was one of the events in 2018 that took the world by surprise and left many fans with unanswered questions.

Netflix released a controversial documentary surrounding the life of the late producer and moments prior to his devastating death. The documentary titled ‘Avicii: True Stories’ highlights the DJ/Producer’s success and achievement over the years as well as revealing his struggles with depression and substance abuse.

The documentary was initially released in Scandinavia in the year 2017 but it was marketed to a limited audience.

One of the many spine-chilling highlights in the documentary shows Avicii’s manager – Ash Purnouri talking about the late star’s difficulties with his mental health and overworking himself with tours and press duties. Ash stated:

“With all the interviews, radio tours and playing. He’ll drop dead” 

The director of the documentary, Levan Tsikurishvili, talked about the re-release of the film – 

This documentary hasn’t left a single person emotionally untouched and even if some memories are very painful for me to watch, I’m very proud and thankful that we did it. Importance of looking out for one another has never been more important than NOW, and I DO hope that we’ve changed SOMETHING to the better in this industry, especially for the younger generation.

‘AVICII: True Stories’ is being considered for the OSCARS and the re-release will hit Netflix on the 28th of December. See the trailer below:

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