Dear Young Millennials, FALZ Has Started The ‘TALK’

Words by Ojunu Ajibola

Famously referred to by his stage name ‘FALZ’, Folarin Falana is a multifaceted talent in the field of performing arts and media. Falz’ flexibility in skills and creativity run from music (rap) to acting, to TV presenting and even a touch of comedy. When it comes to Falz’ arts and expression, we are left with the contemplating question “What can Falz not do?”.

This pondering question has been addressed fundamentally in recent months through his music and recent approach to his art. In the midst of the accomplishment of a humorous movie ‘Chief Daddy’ which he starred as one of the main characters, the rapper released a controversial music project titled ‘TALK’. The audio/visual album made its debut at the ideal time given the socio-economic climate of the country and the forthcoming presidential and gubernatorial elections.

‘TALK’ relates the difficulties with the Nigerian government, the agonizing state of the nation and our messiness, slumber and contributions to every one of these issues and flimsiness occurring around us. Falz’ talk project is very satirical and the candour on the tracks reminds us of the bravery of the likes of Fela, who utilized their art to spread imperative messages and wake up calls to citizens who are giving their rights and life away.

How does this music collection influence us as twenty to thirty-year-olds? ‘TALK’ album is a whole trigger to our consciousness and has called us to hold ourselves accountable for things we complain about in society and our actions towards them.

This controversial album appears to have changed the dynamic of Folarin’s craft. While he has dependably been straightforward about social, human and community issues in the nation (through the show ‘On The Couch’ and his social media). ‘TALK’ demonstrated to us how keen Folarin is, to make his art intentional. It is almost like a defining moment for him going forward about what he really wants to talk about and use his voice for, an example is the slight and scarcely discernible change in daily bants and comedy done via his social media, while they all seem to be pointless fooling around on most occasions, they are fast becoming satirical with hidden messages in them.

In 2019, we hope to see a greater amount of Falz’ craftsmanship and message because we can tell he has a lot to say and this year seems to be when we’ll hear a lot that shapes our psyche, consciousness and what we feed ourselves as millennials.

Falz is aware of this and he is ahead of some in this thought process. While some young creatives have shared their anxiety for his well being because of his bluntness, Falz understands the implication and consequences that may follow once he’s widely heard and accepted.

He understands what it means to have a platform and use it purposefully, also he has a background in Law and he is born into a historical family of legal practitioners and activism. Expect more outspokenness from Falz in 2019 and as much as we do listen to what Falz and other outspoken Nigerians have to say, let’s follow it up with action and take initiative because it starts with us and the loathsome cycle ends with us.

Falz is doing his part, he has begun the cognizant discussion, what are you doing?!

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