Art Basel 2018 | Art World Elite’s Jimmy D Robinson, Christian J Perez, Wendy Fritz & More (Photos)

The annual international art fair ‘ART BASEL’ has kicked off again! 

ART Basel is a largely populated event that happens annually in three different continents – Europe, North America and Asia (specifically: Basel Switzerland, Miami Florida, Hong Kong Japan). This art event is a big deal for visual artists, curators, art enthusiasts, buyers and the Art community as a whole. 

Art Basel creates opportunities for galleries and visual artists to exhibit their work to a bigger and world-class art enthusiast, in addition, pitch their work to potential partners, galleries and sell their work to buyers.

Since Art Basel developed to an annual convention in the Art community, the fair has seen an expansive and diverse gathering of worldwide participants which generally consists of Visual Artists, Art Students and Spectators.

Check out some photos of Art World Elite’s Jimmy D Robinson, Christian J. Perez, Jordan Blanco, Wendy Fritz and Donna Long checking out art pieces at the 2018 Art Basel, Miami edition. 

Jimmy D Robinson
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Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images North America
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