8 Nigerian Creative Rockstars To Look Out For In 2019

The world of arts and creativity is fast evolving particularly in Africa and in the African community in diaspora. Young Millennials are making their marks, bringing innovative changes and solutions to the world as well as modern approach to communication, human interactions and revolutionizing the world of technology.

We have seen several articles in the past year talking about how young millennials are not buying diamonds or investing in real estate, this is because most of us either find it difficult to get by due to the insane cost of living around the world today or with the hustling and multiple jobs, we’d rather do what makes us happy after putting up with not so happy things.

The grand thing that makes millennials happy isn’t money, although we cannot emphasize enough how we would like to stop balling on a budget! But jokes apart, what fulfills us the most as millennials is our creativity, arts, our ability to see what is wrong with the world and the desire to change and fix it all. This has caused a lot of young millennials to communicate and express themselves through their arts, creative skills and natural abilities. No doubt! The millennial generation is filled with highly creative and skilled people as well as people with multifaceted talents.

This expression is happening rapidly in different forms and in different creative fields/industry. See the next page for the 8 Nigerian creatives that have marvelled us through their arts, their brands and are communicating a lot to the consciousness of young Nigerians and youths.

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